Eurovision 2023: Voyager finish ninth place in the last year Australia is guaranteed a competition spot

The Perth prog metal band called their top 10 finish “absolutely surreal”

Voyager on why you should vote for them at Eurovision: “Wouldn’t you love a holiday in Australia?”

The 'Promise' rockers also told us why New Zealand should be allowed to participate too

Australia’s Voyager have made it to the Eurovision finals

They will compete against Sweden, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, the UK and more at the Grand Finals this weekend

Voyager on representing Australia at Eurovision 2023: “It’s about taking what we do and making it bigger than ourselves”

After eight years of campaigning, the Perth alt-metal outfit will finally take on the world at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. NME speaks to guitarist Scott Kay and bassist Alex Canion about what it means for the band – and Australia’s heavy music scene at large

Voyager announced to represent Australia in 2023 Eurovision Song Contest

“Our song ‘Promise’ is made for the Eurovision stage and collectively we feel it's one of our best yet”