Andy Brown

‘Out There: Oceans Of Time’ preview: a gorgeous journey in progress

Following Tim Curry into the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism

Capcom “resolves” lawsuit surrounding allegedly stolen ‘Resident Evil 4’ images

The lawsuit alleged that Capcom had used a photographer's images in 'Resident Evil' and 'Devil May Cry' without permission

‘Lost Ark’ is causing Steam servers to buckle due to pre-load demand

The MMO is proving incredibly popular before it's even released fully

‘Destiny 2’ is getting more “than any other year before” in 2022

"We've got more Destiny coming this year than any other year before"

Phil Spencer wants ‘Starfield’ to be the “most-played Todd Howard game ever”

"Can we really make these games - can we allow them to reach more players than they've ever seen before?"

‘Battlefield 2042’ petition demanding refunds passes 50,000 signatures

"EA's release of 'Battlefield 2042' was a mockery of every customer who purchased this video game"

How to watch the February Nintendo Direct livestream

You can watch the Nintendo Direct here when it goes live

‘Crusader Kings 3’ launches Royal Court expansion today

The expansion has also launched with a free update

Haven Studios is making a “persistent and evolving online” game for Sony

The unannounced title will be available on PlayStation and PC