Andy Brown

Jonathan Blow claims COVID-19 is manmade and seemingly promotes anti-vax rhetoric

Blow alleges COVID-19 comes from "an oopsie in a lab"

G2 announces big ‘League Of Legends’ team changes in controversial video

"4 years and a handheld video later my journey at G2 officially ends"

Intellivision Amico games go on sale despite console having no launch date

You can buy the games, but actually playing them is a different matter

‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch 12.11.5 fixes plenty of bugs and teases big changes

The update adds a slew of performance improvements and sets the stage for better quests

‘Total War: Warhammer 3’ reveals huge siege rework with buildable defences

Defenders will be able to build new barricades, towers and traps

‘League Of Legends’ pro suspended after leaking draft strategies

The player misses a shot at the £1.634million prize pool

‘Total War: Warhammer 3’ reveals the entirety of Grand Cathay’s roster

Grand Cathay's roster offers some formidable options for holding ground