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‘League Of Legends’ champion Bel’Veth gets shape-changing kit revealed

Bel'Veth's ultimate lets the champion assume her monstrous true form, and resurrects dead minions as Voidlings

‘The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum’ hands-off preview: precious story, lacklustre stealth

'The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum' promises a compelling slice of Tolkein lore, but is yet to sell the game's stealth system

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How a submarine simulator and an FBI training exercise led to the 'Rainbow Six' series we know today

‘Roller Champions’ preview: just roll with it

The best 3v3 roller skating tournament game on the market

‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ studio wins bid to unionise

"We’ll fight for respect, fight for better wages, better benefits, better work-life balance, fight for sustainability and job security, and continue to fight for our fellow workers in solidarity," shared one Raven Software employee

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ treats operators to a ‘Yakuza’ crossover

The 'Yakuza' bundle for 'Rainbow Six Siege' will introduce new skins for Echo and Hibana

‘MultiVersus’ datamine suggests roster could include Godzilla, Gandalf and more

A 'MultiVersus' datamine suggests the fighting game's launch roster could see LeBron James take on Daenerys, Godzilla and Pickle Rick

‘Stalker 2’ development resumes despite invasion of Ukraine

Ukrainian developer GSC Game World previously moved development of 'Stalker 2' "to the sidelines" following Russia's invasion

Exclusive: here’s two ‘Battle For Baldur’s Gate’ cards coming to ‘Magic: The Gathering’

An exclusive reveal for two of the 'Dungeons And Dragons' cards coming to 'Magic: The Gathering'