Andy Brown

‘Dead By Daylight’ dating sim ‘Hooked On You’ gets surprise Steam launch

'Hooked On You' was created because 'Dead By Daylight' fans have a "deep thirst" for murderers

‘Dead By Daylight’ introduces Albert Wesker with ‘Resident Evil’ “sequel”

Project W will introduce three characters from 'Resident Evil' and rework the Raccoon City Police Department map

‘Meet Your Maker’ is a gory dungeon raider where every level is player-made

'Meet Your Maker' is being developed by Behaviour Interactive - the maker of 'Dead By Daylight'

Sony says buying a PS5 for Christmas is going to be easier this year

Sony says a "significant improvement" to supply means more PS5s will hit shelves this year

‘Dying Light 2’ teases Chapter 2 details and outlines future update goals

Techland plans to release a new Chapter "every three to four months"

‘Escape From Tarkov”s Factory map “definitely bled” into ‘Marauders’ development

"I'm a Factory main, so that's definitely bled into development," shared the lead developer for 'Marauders'

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ on PC made cheaper in UK and 6 more regions

Anyone who pre-ordered 'Marvel's Spider-Man' in a region where it was "incorrectly priced" should cancel their pre-order to get it cheaper

‘Marauders’ lead developer Cameron Small on taking his ‘Tarkov’ love to space

"You can't beat 'Tarkov' on its gunplay - it's some of the best in the world! So we'll carve out our space in another way"

‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ cover band The 900 talk playing with Tony Hawk: “It was a beautiful moment”

Tony Hawk turned up and "absolutely nailed" 'Bloodstains' and 'Superman' at one of The 900's London gigs

‘Destiny 2’ text chat disabled due to game-crashing PvP exploit

Some players used the exploit to crash their opponents in PvP matches for a free win