Andy Brown

‘Starfield’ will include the biggest city Bethesda has ever made

The size of New Atlantis tops the Imperial City from 'Oblivion', as well as any settlement from 'Fallout 4' or 'Skyrim'

Major ‘GTFO’ update adds Gardens environment and two new enemies

The first of Gardens' new enemies will be "particularly...clingy", while the other might just be immortal

‘Resident Evil 2’ restores older version due to ray tracing patch breaking mods

An "overwhelming community response" brought DirectX 11 back, after a mandatory update broke existing mods and caused a host of performance problems

‘The Callisto Protocol’ developer wants game to be “the start of a franchise”

Striking Distance would "love" to create a sequel for 'The Callisto Protocol', but is currently "100 per cent focused" on getting the first game ready

‘Sunday Gold’ preview: London falling in this dreary dystopia

Team17's crime thriller 'Sunday Gold' paints a miserable vision of Britain's future, garnished with heaps of style

‘Starfield’ director Todd Howard says main story will be 30-40 hours long

Howard shared that the main story of 'Starfield' may be "20 per cent [longer]" than the stories of previous Bethesda games

‘Total War: Warhammer 3’ confirms August release for Immortal Empires

Immortal Empires will launch as a beta in August 2022 and will include a host of new features, including dynamic end-game scenarios and a unique faction for Be'Lakor

‘Stalker 2’ developer details creating the game while fighting a real war

"It's not easy to write violent quests when there's a war outside your window"

UK consumer group urges Nintendo to investigate Joy-Con drift

According to a survey carried out by Which?, 40 per cent of Nintendo Switch Classic owners reported suffering from Joy-Con drift