Andy Brown

‘Guild Wars 2’ is coming to Steam next week

The MMO is also getting Twitch drops and a 'Complete Collection' bundle

Jetpack Collective steps into live-service publishing with card game ‘Phageborn’

'Phageborn' "changes the rules of what you can expect from a deckbuilding title"

‘RuneScape’ community slams Fresh Start Worlds as a “cash grab”

Existing 'RuneScape' members will need to buy a separate membership to play the same members content in Fresh Start Worlds

‘Thymesia’ review: an interesting soulslike plagued by inconsistency

'Thymesia' is reluctant to step out from the shadow of 'Bloodborne', squandering some promising ideas

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ modder recaptures the magic of Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy

The reshader's creator describes Raimi's trilogy as "the greatest 'Spider-Man' movies"

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ trails ‘God Of War’ as Sony’s second-biggest PC launch

'Marvel's Spider-Man' landed a peak concurrent player count of 66,436 over the weekend

‘League Of Legends’ is making jungle easier – and adding pets

Riot Games has acknowledged that jungle is too complicated for new players - but that's about to change

‘Escape From Tarkov’ director says fighting cheaters is “prioritised”

"For those who are thinking that we do nothing, you are wrong - wrong AF"

‘Escape From Tarkov’ will launch Streets Of Tarkov this year – with “at least” 30-player raids

"The main challenge right now is to make it playable in terms of performance"

‘Metal: Hellsinger’ is director David Goldfarb’s “favourite project ever”

"I feel so lucky to work with so many great people," shared the veteran developer