Alan Wen

Imagine Dragons on their collaborations with “kindred spirits” Riot Games

“We've definitely been on stage late due to League of Legends games - I can’t get banned!”

Rami Ismail: “The work’s never done on making the games industry more equal, inclusive, and diverse”

The indie icon discusses helping underrepresented developers, failure to take time off, and his personal disappointment with diversity

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A wonderfully meditative journey through worldly possessions

‘Tomb Raider’ at 25 – Ian Livingstone talks about the birth of Lara Croft

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Twitch starts new paid boost feature goes live amidst backlash

The feature is live in US and available to about 100 streamers

Liverpool FC kits are coming to ‘PUBG Mobile’

You'll never walk alone, even if the winner is still the last one standing

PC games using Valve’s CEG DRM now work with Proton

It could be good news for Steam Deck users when the handheld launches later this year

Oculus Quest 2 headsets won’t need Facebook logins in the future

The Oculus branding is also going to be phased out

‘Resident Evil Village’ could be getting free DLC

DLC was previously confirmed for the game at E3 2021