Cheri Faulkner

Activision apologises for allegedly stolen ‘Warzone’ dog skin

The publisher has taken responsibility for the “misstep” and said it "erred in our process"

Nintendo receives second workplace complaint in 5 months

The complaint alleges that “coercive rules” prevent them from discussing working conditions

Twitch streamer Clara ‘Keffals’ Sorrenti raided by armed police in transphobic swatting incident

Sorrenti claims that a hoax email leveraged “prejudice that many people have towards transgender people”

John Marston’s voice actor says ‘Red Dead Redemption’ remake “would be awesome”

The voice of John Marston doesn’t know if there is a remake in the works

‘FIFA 23’ will improve matchday experience with better crowds and flashier replays

Post-goal sirens and buzzers are amongst the refinements

Bandai Namco teases new ‘Tekken’ game with Evo 2022 clip

The brief teaser told fans to “get ready”

New ‘Fatal Fury’ game announced at Evo 2022

The 30-second teaser shows some new art

GameStop sold indie NFTs without “consent” say devs

The Nifty Arcade account has been suspended from GameStop’s NFT marketplace

Esports teams head for Commonwealth Games

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are in the running for medals