Elizabeth Aubrey

Everything Everything: “It’s like all these biblical plagues conflating at the same time, with us right in the middle”

To get to their fifth album, the Manchester band had to battle flash floods, a devastating fire, oh, and a global pandemic.

Anarchist punk group Crass share previously unheard track and announce extensive reissues

"Half the band want it out, while the other half wanted out, but hey, here it is in all its glory"

Megan Thee Stallion addresses recent shooting in new freestyle

"Going through beats and I just had to do a Lil quick freestyle"

James Brown’s family share touching tribute to Chadwick Boseman

"He delivered an Oscar worthy role because he is so talented"

‘The Walking Dead’ producer recalls how TV networks were “afraid” to make show

"It's hard to begrudge everybody who said no, but it is satisfying now to look back on it."

Nicolas Cage to voice vodka-loving dragon in new Amazon series ‘Highfire’

Cage will portray a dragon who "watches cable-TV and drinks obscene amounts of vodka to pass the time"