Georgina Young

‘Martha Is Dead”s censored scenes have now been revealed

Graphic violence and sexual conversations have been removed

Ukraine war footage being shared on social media is from video games

The footage is spreading across social media

‘Portal’ has a new Steam Deck game

The cake is a lie and this game is a short

Ubisoft is providing alternate housing for its employees in Ukraine

The developer is providing financial help and housing in neighbouring countries

‘Street Fighter 6’ reveal coming next week says insider

"Don't fight for victory, fight to improve yourself and victory will come"

‘Roblox’ reports disappointing financial quarter

Shares have reportedly dropped by 13 per cent

Activision Blizzard CEO reportedly donated £450,000 to Republican causes

He supported candidate Mitch McConnell in the senate

‘Resident Evil 4 Remake’ rumours now have more details

At this point it's got to be in the works, right?