Jack Coleman

Sega’s upcoming Mega Drive Mini 2 receiving twice as expensive controller

The controller is based on the classic Cyber Stick

‘Stardew Valley’ creator confirms patch 1.6 is on the way

The new patch will focus on mod support

‘Final Fantasy 16’ will not feature any American voice acting

Yoshida didn't want Americans to get angry and strives to provide a more authentic European experience

PlayStation veterans found new studio to develop NFT game ‘Ashfall’

Liithos aims to create the world's first true AAA "Web 3.0" game

Blizzard says first ‘Diablo: Immortal’ update is a “few weeks” away

Players are getting impatient with the game's lack of updates

‘WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King’ has some select changes

Blizzard is departing from its "#NoChanges" approach

‘Hunt: Showdown’ developer warns against revolver bug abuse

Action will be taken against those caught abusing the exploit