Luke Shaw

Nacon Connect – where to watch, and what to expect

The publisher has promised to show three new projects

‘The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time’ is an adorable heist simulator

Heist sims have always needed "realistic penguin nooting"

The Oculus Rift S headset has finally been removed from sale

The Oculus Rift S has finally been unfriended

‘Might & Magic X’ has been taken off Steam due to ongoing DRM issues

There's little hope in sight for the RPG classic

‘Hytale’ gets a 2023 delay as combat and AI get major overhauls

The delay is due to "a commitment to creating the best game we possibly can"

‘Bloodhunt’ tech specs now recommend beefier graphics cards and SSD

It takes a lot of hardware to render all that lovely rain

‘Apex Legends’ made unplayable by hackers in protest of ongoing ‘Titanfall’ issues

The developers had to step up during a national holiday to fix the hack