Sam Warner

Amy Winehouse scripted TV series in the works

The series will reportedly be in eight parts

Scarlett Johansson freaked out Joaquin Phoenix during ‘Her’ phone sex scene

"He was, like, losing it. He was like 'I can't do it'"

Mike Schank, star of documentary ‘American Movie’, dies aged 56

Elijah Wood, Edgar Wright and Taika Waititi are among those paying tribute

Geena Davis recalls “bad” audition experience with Bill Murray

"I should have walked out of that or profoundly defended myself"

‘Luckiest Girl Alive’: Netflix urged to add trigger warning to film

"Netflix really dropped the ball on not adding a giant trigger warning"

Ricky Gervais addresses chances he’ll do Golden Globes again

The actor has made himself clear in no uncertain terms

Selena Gomez documentary ‘My Mind & Me’ drops new trailer

The new film is due to be released in November