Thomas Hughes

Twitch and Facebook Gaming experience record viewership in 2021

The two streaming platforms both experienced a record number of viewers throughout January, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft publishes revised Xbox accessibility guidelines

The company is committed to “constantly improving and raising the bar for inclusive gaming”

Huge fan-made ‘Skyrim’ mod receives Special Edition compatibility

A standalone version is scheduled for Steam next month

Microsoft teases “exciting” features for Xbox Series S and X

The head of program development stated this is “just the beginning”

Google announces over 100 games for Stadia

Google announced in a recent community post that over 100 games will release for Stadia during 2021, with six coming in the following weeks. The...

Scalpers are ruining McDonald’s 25th Pokémon anniversary

McDonald’s is already running out of the limited-edition Happy Meal

Fortnite removes powerful weapon from competitive playlist

Developers removed the unique weapon based on player feedback

Call of Duty: Warzone steps up anti-cheat efforts with fresh bans

The first wave of cheaters was banned last week

Nintendo announces February NES and SNES Switch online titles

Nintendo have just announced the next set of retro games in the Nintendo Switch Online service – keep up to date with all their...