The Big Read

The Big Read

G Flip: “There’s no difference between G Flip and Georgia Flipo. They are literally the same person”

In the age of COVID-19, artists are being asked to share more than ever. G Flip is happy to let people in on the intricacies of her life – but sometimes, there are consequences

Tash Sultana: “I have always had a plan, like A, B, C, D, all the way through”

A year ago, Tash Sultana was burnt out. So they adapted. The singer-songwriter is now learning to find strength in a new backing band, taking it slow – and growing zucchini

DMA’S: “We’re definitely more fearless. We’ve earned it”

How DMA’S outran the Britpop tag to craft a bold and ambitious electronic album about “love, loss and everything in between”

The Chats: “We’re self-aware. We know we’re not cool”

The Sunshine Coast trio talk getting banned from pubs, their affinity for UK hip-hop and their upcoming debut album, ‘High Risk Behaviour’

Tame Impala: “This band is the fantasy of music. It’s The Lord Of The Rings”

Kevin Parker has taken his band from psychedelic outliers to festival headlining giants

Stella Donnelly: “You have to stand up for people that don’t have a voice”

The punk poet on climate change, inequality in Australia and telling off racists in bookshops

Amyl and The Sniffers: “Scott Morrison is fucking the environment and the working class”

Punk’s future torchbearers on politics, feminism and why Australians are “frustrated”