Watch Jords play ‘My City’, ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ and ‘Black & Ready’ for NME Home Sessions

A gorgeous studio performance from the Croydon singer, songwriter and rapper

Jords’ latest single ‘Black & Ready’ is hugely powerful. Released just under a month after 10-track-project ‘Almost An Adult’, as Black Lives Matter protests were held around the world in response to police brutality and systemic racism, it sees the the Croydon singer, songwriter and rapper offering his own perspective.

He explained to NME a few months ago that “once [‘Almost An Adult’] came out, I was ready to go back into my hotel. But, as a Black man seeing all of this go on, and these conversations that have been had since I was 11 years old; being stopped by the police at nine — it gets frustrating. I didn’t have anyone to direct my anger at. I never usually type on my computer, but I had to.”

“I had a session with [Nosa Apollo] who performs the keys on the record. He played me the piano loop on the song, then I put a kick on the production and tried to rap my lines so many times: I couldn’t get it right because of the anger at first. I left it for hours, and then got a good take. Later on, I found a Black Lives Matter chant and added that in. Now’s not the time to be silent: we need to start doing what we can to build as a community. It was such a cathartic experience, getting to shed some of my processed PTSD.”


For this week’s NME Home Session, Jords and his band perform ‘Black & Ready’, alongside ‘My City’ and ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ from his project ‘Almost An Adult’. You can watch the entire three song performance above.

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