‘Westworld’ season four: everything we know so far

Season three might be finished, but there's plenty to look forward to

With the events of season three only just behind us, Westworld fans can already look forward to a long future as there is plenty more of the story to tell.

The sci-fi Western series has been bending minds since 2016 – and plans to keep on doing so for quite some time still. Here’s everything we know about season four of Westworld.

Latest updates: 

  • Jeffrey Wright confirms that season four has begun filming and opens up about what fans can expect
  • Prodigal Son star Aurora Perrineau has ben added to the season four cast in a “key recurring role”
  • Evan Rachel Wood says she would return to the show despite season three’s ending (see season four cast)

Westworld season four release date: when is it coming out?

A date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the return of the show certainly has. On April 22, while new episodes of season three were still airing, Sky TV tweeted the good news.


While no date has been specified, considering the show premiered in 2016, followed by season two in 2018 and season three this year, fans could expect a fourth season in 2022 if all goes to plan.

Has Westworld season four filming begun?

Yes. On June 14, Jeffrey Wright confirmed that filming had begun. The actor took to Instagram to share a photograph of what appeared to be his trailer sporting the name of his character, Bernard Lowe. “Good morning…old friend,” he captioned the post.

Westworld season four trailer: is there a teaser yet?

There isn’t yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as there is. Here’s the trailer for season three to relive the most recent chapter:

Westworld season four cast: who’s coming back for another series?


Following the seeming deaths of Dolores Abernathy and William, it seems unclear whether Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris would return to reprise their roles – but many have returned from the dead before in Westworld.

Wood told Variety she wants “to come back” to the show, despite that season three finale. “I found out, I think, halfway through season three or towards the end,” she said of learning Dolores’ fate. “We get a general idea at the beginning of each season […] then we learn as we go. So [showrunner Jonathan Nolan] called me up and broke the news to me. He said she was going to die, he was very blunt about it.”

She added that Nolan had told her “the Dolores that we know is gone”.

westworld season 3 episode 4
Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores in ‘Westworld’. Credit: HBO

Vincent Cassell played Engerraund Serac, the major villain in season three who was dealt with by the finale, so it’s unlikely he will return.

Any future Westworld stories would need to include series regular Maeve, played by Thandie Newton, as well as Caleb Nichols, Aaron Paul‘s character, who took on major significance when introduced in season three.

As the post-credits sequence for season three sees Bernard Lowe, head of Westworld Programming Division, finally wake up, it almost guarantees Jeffrey Wright will be returning to play the character in season four.

Considering Charlotte Hale, the character played by Tessa Thompson, took on new significance in season three, it seems fairly likely that Thompson would reprise her role for future seasons.

Westworld finale
Jeffrey Wright as Bernard in ‘Westworld’ season three episode eight. Credit: HBO

In terms of new characters, it was revealed in June 2021 by Variety that Prodigal Son actor Aurora Perrineau is set for a “key recurring role” in the upcoming season, featuring in at least five episodes.

Jeffrey Wright has also updated fans on what they can expect from his character in the new season. Speaking to Deadline, Wright said: “Bernard is still trying to solve it all and he is still very much a part of the struggle.

“The struggle goes on, and Bernard is right there at the [centre] of it. It’s gonna be fun.”

What’s going to happen in the new episodes?

No official plot details have been revealed yet, but season three left enough loose ends to speculate on a fairly likely future.

Jeffrey Wright has given fans an update on what they can expect from the new season. Speaking to Deadline on February  14, he said: “Season 4 is going to be more of the Westworld you’ve come to expect and more digging down into some issues and some technology that is going to look familiar to us, as always. It’s gonna be exciting. I’m not sure exactly when we’re to air but within the coming months, certainly.”

There will be an enormous shift following the end of the major conflict with Serac, as humanity will supposedly have to take on a new enemy following his demise.

As the age of algorithms is over, and humans have discovered the existence of the AI that was previously manipulating them, a new world order with a brand new hierarchy seems on the cards.

As Bernard said in season three’s final moments, next up is the time for “an answer to what comes after the end of the world”.

There will also be the question in season four as to whether Dolores is really dead, beyond the one which exists in the Charlotte Hale-shaped host.

Caleb is likely to continue his mission for an uprising, and seems to be joined by Maeve, who said of her daughter, “We’ll be reunited, just not today”.

In terms of Dolores as Charlotte Hale and the Man in Black, their plan could involve the exploitation of William (as host) in order to create a better world for her kind.