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‘Naraka: Bladepoint’ is getting a campaign and Xbox release

The battle royale launches on Xbox Series X|S on June 23, with an Xbox One release coming later this year

‘Naraka: Bladepoint’ just got a 1v1 mode

The new Bloodsport mode adds one-on-one combat

‘Naraka: Bladepoint’ banning players for “teaming” and other forms of cheating

Players will also be rewarded for "successfully reporting" hacking and teaming players

‘Naraka: Bladepoint’ hit 100,000 simultaneous players on Steam

The game officially launched just last week

Your first match in ‘Naraka: Bladepoint’ is against bots

In case you thought you could've been a contender

‘Naraka: Bladepoint’ coming to consoles soon – starting with PS5

PS5 will be getting the popular battle royale

‘Naraka: Bladepoint’ hands-on: wholesome, stabby, fun

Bladepoint could be your new favourite battle royale