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‘Silent Hill’ producer wants more studios to pitch games for the series

"If creators from around the world who love 'Silent Hill' bring us their pitches, I promise to look through every one of them"

‘Silent Hill: Townfall’ fans dig up the trailer’s creepy hidden messages

Several unsettling messages were hiding in the game's first trailer

No, not all of the best games are about guns and violence

When the best game of the year is about a stray cat, it's time to reassess those annoying gaming stereotypes

‘Bounty Star’ combines “post-post-apocalyptic” Western action with mechs

This 3D action game promises bounty hunting, farming, and customisable mechs

Colourful skate-and-date ‘Thirsty Suitors’ drops surprise Steam demo

Outerloop Games has also announced that 'Thirsty Suitors' will be available on Game Pass

‘Outer Wilds’ is coming to current-gen consoles with a free 60 FPS update

The long-awaited Nintendo Switch port is "still happening," and Mobius Digital says it will share more "as soon as possible"

How to watch today’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase

The showcase will include "reveals, announcements, and much more”

‘Stray’ beats ‘God Of War’ as Steam’s best user-rated game of 2022

The game has an 8.61 score based on 42,665 votes

‘Stray’ modders are adding their own cats into the game

Visual mods change the appearance of the main cat character

‘Stray’ patch tidies up launch issues

Launch issues and collision fixes are being addressed