GOT7’s Yugyeom reveals he faced financial difficulties during the pandemic

"That’s when it got a bit difficult for me, financially, especially since all the performances got cancelled too"

GOT7’s Yugyeom teases collaboration with Lee Hi

His new project 'LOLO' comes out on Monday

GOT7’s Yugyeom to release new single ‘Ponytail’ next week

Marking his first music since March's 'Take You Down' with Coogie

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Jinyoung says GOT7 “didn’t get along” in their first seven years together

“The chemistry wasn’t quite there”

GOT7 reveal that JYP Entertainment’s offer for the boyband to stay “wasn’t bad”

“But our way and JYP’s way, it was just different," JAY B added

GOT7’s JAY B says it “feels surreal” that their reunion actually happened

“We could hardly meet face-to-face because some members were not in Korea,” Jinyoung added

GOT7 make long-awaited return with whimsical music video for ‘NANANA’

Their new self-titled EP is out now

AOMG’s YouTube channel deleted after it was hacked

The label confirmed that they are currently working on having the channel restored

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The song features rapper Coogie