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Xbox head Phil Spencer acknowledges poor ‘Redfall’ reception: “We let a lot of people down this week”

"We do mock reviews for every game that we launch, and this is double digits lower than where we thought we would be"

‘Redfall’ studio is working to fix controversial always-online requirement

"I'm not supposed to promise anything - but we're looking into it"

Arkane director claims Microsoft cancelled PS5 version of ‘Redfall’

"We got bought by Microsoft and that was a huge sea change"

‘Redfall’ will launch with PC, Xbox and Game Pass crossplay

Players on different versions of 'Redfall' will "definitely" be able to team up

‘Redfall’ to launch with Denuvo and require internet connection for single-player

An update to its Steam page has confirmed that 'Redfall' will use Denuvo

‘Redfall’ release date, trailers, characters, and everything we know

Redfall is a stylish looking co-op game from Arkane Studios

Delaying ‘Starfield’ was “the right thing to do” says Phil Spencer

“We have experience shipping games too early”

‘Redfall’ will make an appearance at QuakeCon 2022

It will have a 30-minute block with "new insights, gameplay details and more!"

A brand new ‘Redfall’ trailer shows off weapons

A new official trailer, released June 30, for ‘Redfall’ from Arkane Studios shows loadout and skill tree information

‘Redfall’ will still emphasise “the solo experience” despite co-op features

It's "in keeping with Arkane's passions"