Atari is acquiring ‘System Shock’ remake developer Night Dive Studios

Atari was impressed by the studio's "track record in commercialising retro IP"

Atari CEO makes offer to acquire games publisher amid financial struggles

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How Atari’s new CEO is pressing continue for the software company

For its 50th birthday, Atari’s new CEO sits down with NME and talks new hardware, metroidvania-infused takes on Atari classics, and why this company refuses to die

Atari is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary with giftable NFTs

Not a present anyone wants

Atari snaps up MobyGames gaming database for £1.1million

The online resource is a big hit with gaming history fans

The death of the video game tie-in

ET wasn’t that bad, was it?

Soulja Boy announces himself as the owner of Atari, Atari disagrees

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Atari is changing up its business strategy to focus on console and PC

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The new Atari VCS is available to buy right now

Announced during E3 2017, the new Atari VCS is finally here.

Atari VCS online purchases finally available June 15

Arcade game library/home PC hybrid to cost £280 ($399.99 USD)