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Adora drops debut mini-album ‘Adorable REbirth’, led by single ‘Magical Symphony’

The singer-producer's first mini-album drops is finally here

Adora shares whimsical music video for new single ‘Trouble? TRAVEL!’

It marks the former Big Hit producer’s third solo release

Adora releases dreamy cover of TXT’s ‘Our Summer’

The singer-songwriter had co-wrote the song for the boyband

Adora unveils otherworldly new digital single, ‘The Little Name’

The song dropped alongside an animated video

ADORA: “I feel like my accomplishments look nicer from the outside”

Known for working with the likes of BTS and TXT, rising singer-songwriter ADORA tells NME what it feels like to finally step out of the shadows and into the spotlight

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Adora says ‘Make U Dance’ was the “first time” she met GFRIEND’s Eunha

“I never actually had a personal relationship with them"

TXT praise ex-Big Hit Music producer Adora: “Her voice needs to be heard more”

The duo also said that demos of the group's tracks sung by Adora were "already perfect"

Adora’s debut solo single ‘Make U Dance’ is an enchanting but safe first step into the spotlight

The song is delightful and captivating, but the former BTS songwriter has yet to find her footing as a soloist