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First trailer for ‘Indiana Jones And The Great Circle’ puts players in the shoes of an “iconic hero”

The first-person adventure game acts as a sequel to ‘Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark’

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The updated 'Starfield' will be available exclusively on Steam for two weeks before a wider roll-out

Bethesda’s ‘Indiana Jones’ game looks like it finally has a title

'Indiana Jones And The Great Circle'

‘Fallout 76’ 2024 plans will include new quests, maps and rewards

The second instalment of the Atlantic City update is due in spring

‘Starfield’ plans for 2024 include story expansions, new ways to travel and mod support

‘Shattered Space’ will bring new stories and new locations to 'Starfield'

Bethesda rejected proposals for more ‘Fallout’ spin-offs including a ‘New Vegas’ sequel

Obsidian only got to make one title in the 'Fallout' series

‘Fallout 76’ kicks off its newest season with a trip to Atlantic City

The update marks the start of the fifteenth season of the game

‘Skyrim’ update brings back controversial paid mods

The change comes seven years after Bethesda reversed the decision to sell mods

Amazon’s ‘Fallout’ series is completely canon, confirms Bethesda

The series will adhere to already established lore

Bethesda defends ‘Starfield’ from “boring” criticism in Steam reviews

Bethesda has currently only responded to negative reviews