Blockberry Creative

Court rules in favour of ex-LOONA member Chuu in contract lawsuit against agency Blockberry Creative

A Seoul court has reportedly ruled to nullify her contract with Blockberry Creative and ordered the agency to bear costs

LOONA’s Yves reveals she is “meeting with many agencies”

She is the only member of the girl group who has yet to sign with a new agency

LOONA’s Yeojin, Gowon and Olivia Hye sign with CTDENM

The trio join bandmates Hyunjin and Vivi under the new agency

LOONA members react after reportedly winning lawsuit against Blockberry Creative

Five members of K-pop girl group LOONA have reportedly won their lawsuit against Blockberry Creative. READ MORE: Jaden Jeong talks plans for ex-LOONA members...

LOONA’s Hyunjin and Vivi sign with new agency headed by former Blockberry Creative director

“We will do our utmost in giving our unsparing support to these two artists in the future,” said CTDENM

Blockberry Creative’s petition to block ex-LOONA member Chuu’s entertainment activities found to have “insufficient grounds”

The K-pop agency had filed petitions claiming the singer had violated the exclusivity of their contract

LOONA members Vivi and Hyunjin reportedly file lawsuits to suspend their contracts with Blockberry Creative

This means that all 11 members of LOONA have filed to exit their contracts with the embattled agency

Ex-LOONA member Chuu responds to Blockberry Creative petition to ban her from entertainment activities in Korea

Blockberry Creative also aims to file a similar petition to industry bodies to "prohibit" the entertainment activities of members Heejin, Jinsoul, Kim Lip and Choerry, who managed to suspend their contracts with the agency last month

LOONA members Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry secure injunction to terminate Blockberry Creative contracts

The girl group and its agency Blockberry Creative have been embroiled in controversy since the company fired one member, Chuu, in November

LOONA’s upcoming ‘The Origin Album: 0’ “postponed indefinitely”, Blockberry Creative addresses controversy

The company said it has decided that "comeback activities are meaningless" due to unresolved issues