‘Destiny 2’ buffs several “under-utilised” weapons in latest update

High-impact auto rifles, lightweight bows and multiple exotic weapons have all been improved

‘Destiny 2’ cheat site claims it made the game more popular

Following a lawsuit against them, Aimjunkies has said Bungie believes “the more shit you throw at a wall, the greater the possibility of something sticking with the court”

‘Destiny 2’ lawsuit ruling reveals more horrific threats to Bungie developers

The ruling included details of racist and homophobic threats, as well as voicemails left for employees

Bungie says taking legal action against cheaters is “good business”

Bungie’s top lawyer says “removing harassment and abuse from our community is the right thing to do”

‘Destiny 2’ text chat disabled due to game-crashing PvP exploit

Some players used the exploit to crash their opponents in PvP matches for a free win

‘Destiny 2’ August showcase could reveal ‘Lightfall’ expansion

'Lightfall' was announced back in 2020 and will follow up from last year's 'The Witch Queen' expansion

‘Destiny 2’ streamer sued by Bungie for cheating and harassment

The player had created 13 accounts to bypass previous bans

‘Destiny 2’ developer Bungie officially acquired by PlayStation

The studio reassures fans it will remain multi-platform

Senior Bungie developer calls for industry-wide action to improve trans healthcare

“I am tired of seeking care and receiving trauma instead”

Bungie is reportedly developing a ‘Destiny’ mobile game

The game is being made in partnership with NetEase