Bungie Inc

Bungie and Sony are working together on several “unannounced projects”

The 'Destiny 2' developer was acquired by Sony last year

‘Destiny 2’ buffs several “under-utilised” weapons in latest update

High-impact auto rifles, lightweight bows and multiple exotic weapons have all been improved

Senior Bungie developer calls for industry-wide action to improve trans healthcare

“I am tired of seeking care and receiving trauma instead”

‘Destiny 2’ cheat makers agree to pay Bungie £10.7million to end lawsuit

They also have to promise to never, ever do it again

“Hypeman Of ‘Destiny 2’” joins Bungie’s Heroes Welcome campaign

The campaign "highlights 'Destiny 2' player stories and celebrates the varied ‘heroism’ that uplifts gaming communities"

‘Fortnite’ celebrates ‘Star Wars’ Day with two weeks of events

There are hints there's more to come as well

Bungie announces fully remote positions as it goes “digital first”

"The transition to work-from-home wasn't easy, but the results speak for themselves"

Bungie confirms ‘Destiny 2’ video takedowns were ‘fraudulent’

The studio is also working on making some original soundtrack material free to use for content creators

‘Destiny 2: Vow Of The Disciple’ raid gets a release date

The newest raid comes hot on the heels of the ‘Witch Queen’ expansion

Sony offers £880million retention scheme for Bungie employees

A third of the acquisition funds will be used on the scheme