Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics explain changes to ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ levelling grind

"The problem we were seeing, and hearing, was that you would immediately get more skill points than you had time to review"

Hawkeye rejoins the Avengers in a new DLC, launching March 18

It will arrive alongside the next-gen versions of the game next month

Next ‘Tomb Raider’ game promises to unite the series’ timelines

An animated series is also in the works with Netflix

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ has yet to turn a profit

Square Enix hopes DLCs will help with profits

Kate Bishop joins ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ roster next month

Hawkeye will also be coming early 2021

Square Enix loses $62million in the quarter it released ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

The previous quarter had proved positive with ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ patch adds new outpost, Tachyon Rift missions

A large number of bugs and issues have also been fixed

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ latest patch fixes “over 1000 issues”

It includes console-specific, combat, and UI improvements