‘Crysis Remastered’ trilogy will release on Steam in November

It follows a period of exclusivity for the Epic Games Store

‘Hunt: Showdown’ developer warns against revolver bug abuse

Action will be taken against those caught abusing the exploit

‘Hunt: Showdown’ adds new quest system and armed grunts

New weapons and AI changes have also been added

‘Hitman 3’ game director will lead ‘Crysis 4’ development

Besides 'Hitman', the new 'Crysis 4' game director has also worked on 'Far Cry' and 'Assassin's Creed'

‘Hunt: Showdown’ update 1.8.1 will give zombies guns and add daily quests

The next update's new Grunt enemies will be much tougher to deal with

Crytek issues apology over ‘Hunt: Showdown’ event troubles

The Traitor's Moon event has been extended to April 18

‘Hunt: Showdown’ update adds weapon variants and daily challenges

Players now have more incentive to hunt daily

‘Crysis 4’ has been announced

When it will release remains to be seen

Crytek apologises for shutting down ‘Crysis’ photo mod, shuts it down anyway

The creator says he will "never create a custom photomode for any Crytek game ever again"

Meet Port Sulphur Band: the ‘Hunt: Showdown’ musicians that are heard, but not seen

Hunt: Showdown’s atmospheric soundtrack has got over 12million listens on Spotify and YouTube, and now the group has a second album incoming