Epic Games store

‘Prey’ is one of two free titles coming to the Epic Games Store

For one week, ‘Jotun: Valhalla Edition’ will also be available for £0

Epic Games Store achievements are now visible to other players

The store first added achievements in 2020

‘Fortnite’ is making “big changes” to the Support-A-Creator system

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said to "expect some big changes throughout the year"

‘Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory’ disappearance was due to DMCA filing

It seems as though the co-creators of the property weren’t happy

The next free Epic Games Store titles have been confirmed

Fans will have a week to grab the pair of free games

Upcoming ‘Witcher’ game will not be “exclusive to one storefront”

The next 'Witcher' game will not be exclusive to the Epic Games Store at launch

‘In Sound Mind’ will be free on the Epic Games Store for one week

The first-person psychological horror title will be free to download and keep next week

Epic Games halts sales in Russia

The 'Fortnite' creator says it will not lock Russian accounts out of its games as "the free world should keep all lines of dialogue open"

‘Cities: Skylines’ will be free on the Epic Games Store for a week

The city simulation game will take over from 'Black Widow: Recharged' and 'Centipede: Recharged'