Google celebrates Tokyo Olympics with 16-bit-inspired Doodle game

Will your (c)athlete be victorious in 'Doodle Champion Island Games'?

Google Stadia to give game devs a cut of Stadia Pro revenue

Developers will earn more based on how often their game is played

Google Stadia support for Chromecast with Google TV is arriving this month

Google Stadia will be available on even more devices soon

Google insists Stadia is still “alive and well” despite recent troubles

“We're well on our way to over 100 new games launching on Stadia in 2021”

Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios have already got a PlayStation game in the works

"We believe in the power of games to bring joy to people’s lives.

Terraria will go ahead with Google Stadia launch

Plans for Terraria to launch on Google Stadia will continue

What happened, Google Stadia?

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Google announces over 100 games for Stadia

Google announced in a recent community post that over 100 games will release for Stadia during 2021, with six coming in the following weeks. The...

Google shutters internal Stadia game development studios

Stadia will live on as a cloud gaming service

‘Hitman 3’ to include custom shareable scenarios on Google Stadia

This includes the entire World Of Assassination trilogy