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‘No Man’s Sky’ introduces its first new alien race in seven years in enormous ‘Echoes’ update

'Echoes' rewards adventurers with tonnes of unique collectibles

‘No Man’s Sky’ adds corrupted planets and more with Interceptor update

The update will let players battle gigantic Sentinel capital ships

PSVR2 will support ‘No Man’s Sky’ at launch

'No Man's Sky' PSVR2 update will arrive on February 22, 2023

‘No Man’s Sky’ version 4.0 to bring a “relaxed” mode

The new mode will make 'No Man's Sky' more appealing to casual players

‘No Man’s Sky’ and the six-year struggle against its own crafting system

Hello Games' space sim has improved enormously, but it still has one big problem

The trailer for ‘No Man’s Sky”s Endurance update has been released

The 3.94 update is now live and it set to overhaul freighters and fleets

‘No Man’s Sky’ players have created their own useless cryptocurrency

Although HubCoin works the same as other cryptocurrencies, it has no value whatsoever

‘No Man’s Sky’ launches on Nintendo Switch in October

The physical PS5 version will also be made available on the same day

‘No Man’s Sky’ introduces space whales with Leviathan update

Chapter seven also traps players in a time loop

‘No Man’s Sky’ developer says its next project is “pretty ambitious”

"Even if we had a thousand people working on it, it'd still seem impossible"