Humble Bundle

The original ‘Baldur’s Gate’ games are now available in a charity bundle

They have raised almost £6,000 for mental health support for young adults

Humble Bundle launches Black History Month collection

The eight games would usually set players back £108 but is available via the Humble Bundle for a minimum of £8

Humble Bundle offers ‘Resident Evil’ collection to raise money for Ukraine

The bundle contains 12 ‘Resident Evil’ items

Humble Bundle raises over £15million via Stand With Ukraine bundle

The bundle was purchased by 473,796 users

Humble’s Stand With Ukraine Bundle raises over £3million in one day

The bundle is available until March 25

Humble outlines plans for monthly subscription service and a launcher

Some users aren't happy with the big changes proposed by Humble

‘Archvale’ review: a tremendous bullet hell ‘Zelda’ that lands every shot

'Archvale' wins more than just a piece of my heart

Action-noir ‘Katana Zero’ and turn-based ‘John Wick’ headline Humble Choice in October

The bundle also includes horror game 'Amnesia: Rebirth', just in time for Halloween

2D adventure indie game ‘Webbed’ officially launches on PC

Webbed is available on Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle

‘Hearts Of Iron IV’ is less than one pound on Humble Bundle

An entire global conflict playable for pennies