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‘Hitman 3’’s Season Of Lust adds new contracts, weapons, and more

Marrakesh is also temporarily free for all players

‘Hitman 3’ Lust DLC is coming next week

Agent 47 gets another assignment

‘Hitman 3’ Season of Sloth is now available to download

Act 3 includes new sin-themed items, suits, and contracts

IO Interactive reportedly working on a “dragon-themed IP” for Xbox

IO Interactive's CEO had previously confirmed the studio was working on a third IP after Hitman and Bond

IO Interactive’s ‘Project 007’ will feature an original story

The game’s James Bond will also take on a completely new look and will not be modelled after any of the franchise’s actors

‘Hitman 3’ Dubai mission is free to play for a limited time

The Free Starter Pack is available now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms

‘Hitman 3’ to get 7-part expansion based on ‘Seven Deadly Sins’

The first DLC is based on Greed and drops next week

‘Hitman 3’ PC level transfer will be live by end of February

"In terms of timing, it’s definitely a case of sooner rather than later"

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‘Hitman 3’ DLCs could revisit levels from prequel games

IO Interactive is looking at using existing locations and “reimagining them, twisting them”