Festive stealther ‘Ho-Ho-Home Invasion’ adds “thiccer Santa” and new levels

Santa is "boosted, he’s vaxxed, and he’s ready to invade your home"

‘Deltarune’ hits 100,000 concurrent players during free launch on Steam

As it stands, there are more people playing Deltarune than Deathloop

Over $900,000 raised for Palestinian relief by’s latest bundle

"It's not just a game, It's a call for help."

Itch’s Palestinian Aid bundle raises over $500,000, now aiming for $1million

The offer, which includes over 1,000 indie titles like 'Celeste', 'Baba Is You', and 'Before I Forget', ends on June 11’s Palestinian Aid Bundle has more than 1,000 titles for under £5

All proceeds from the bundle will go directly to the United Nations Relief and Works agency’s Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality raises over $2million

The indie bundle includes 742 games for a minimum of $5 in donations