Jagex is making an open-world survival game set in ‘RuneScape’ universe

The "soon-to-be-revealed" project will be an open-world survival game, set in the world of 'RuneScape' and built in Unreal Engine 5

Sci-fi shooter ‘Space Punks’ will launch an open beta in April

"We have so much more we’re looking forward to adding in the coming months, and [we] can’t wait to show the gaming public at large what we’ve been working on"

‘Old School Runescape’ introduces fifth and final God Wars Dungeon boss

The Fifth General, Nex is available to battle from today

‘RuneScape’ bids farewell to Duel Arena and introduces Het’s Oasis

Players will be tasked with rebuilding the arena themselves

‘Old School Runescape’ launches Android beta and adds solid gold sink

The item for your Player-Owned Home will set you back 100million