More Vision

Jay Park’s More Vision label kicks off global auditions for upcoming K-pop boyband

The first round of online auditions have officially begun

Jay Park drops playful music video for ‘Need To Know’

Starring 'Street Woman Fighter' star Noze

Jay Park announces new single ‘Need To Know’

The follow-up to ‘Ganadara’ is on the way

IU says she thought ‘Ganadara’ had “been killed” because Jay Park took “so long” to release it

"Why did it take so long? I really want to know why!" she asked Jay Park

Jay Park dances with a cardboard cutout of IU in ‘Ganadara’ MV

The first release under his newly established label, More Vision

Jay Park launches new label, More Vision

"I wanted to create a better environment and better life for the people I love"