Nintendo are “constantly thinking about ideas for new consoles” says Furukawa

“We are becoming increasingly spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment”

Nintendo president warns of possible Switch stock shortage for the year

“It is difficult to say how we will deal with this, but in some cases we may not be able to prepare enough for orders”

Bluetooth audio support hinted for Nintendo Switch

Could the Nintendo Switch finally have a dedicated party chat app soon?

Rare copy of ‘Super Mario Bros’ breaks records at auction

The near immaculate copy more than doubles the previous record sale

“More important than ever” to preserve classic games, says Xbox

“Whether your first time playing Morrowind is from 2002 on your Xbox or 2021 on your phone, we're excited to share these experiences with you!”

‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ sales spike in its final week of availability

The collection will be removed from sale tomorrow

Qualcomm reportedly developing Nintendo Switch competitor

The rumoured release date falls in early 2022