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IU unveils touching cover of SEVENTEEN’s ‘Darl+ing’

Meanwhile, the boyband sang a laid-back rendition of IU's ‘Blueming’

SEVENTEEN say that it “sounds so cringe” to be called “pop stars”

“We think of ourselves as just regular, normal people"

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The 13-piece's fourth studio album 'Face The Sun' is out now

Listen to a preview of SEVENTEEN’s upcoming album ‘Face The Sun’

Their fourth studio album arrives later this week

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Tickets go on public sale from June 3 onwards

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SEVENTEEN describe English-language track ‘Darl+ing’ as a gift to international fans

“We want to try as hard as they do when they listen to our music”

SEVENTEEN bask in sunlight in music video for new single ‘Darl+ing’

The group's first-ever English single is out now

SEVENTEEN to kick-off Apple’s new K-pop ‘Today At Apple’ sessions

The session will spotlight the group's forthcoming English single, 'Darl+ing'