Riot Games

Riot is disabling /All chat in ‘League Of Legends’ due to “verbal abuse”

Enemies will still be able to hear and see emotes and champ mastery though

G2 announces big ‘League Of Legends’ team changes in controversial video

"4 years and a handheld video later my journey at G2 officially ends"

‘League Of Legends’ pro suspended after leaking draft strategies

The player misses a shot at the £1.634million prize pool

‘League Of Legends’ patch 11.20 preview shows nerfs and adjustments

"Now that Worlds is locked in, we’re back to a more normal patch"

Riot Games on bringing back Pentakill and the future of K/DA

Riot Games Music on how Pentakill forged a comeback - and whether fans will see more of K/DA

Upcoming ‘League Of Legends’ skin labelled “pay-to-lose” by fans

Good for top laners, bad for Tryndamere mains

Zedd has teamed up with ‘Valorant’ for their first ever skin collaboration

Zedd has also worked on the sound design for SPECTRUM