SPIRE Entertainment

OMEGA X say they’ve won lawsuit against SPIRE Entertainment to suspend their contracts

The K-pop boyband are now expected to press charges against the agency's former CEO for allegedly "threatening, assaulting and exploiting" them, as their lawyers said in November

SPIRE Entertainment asks OMEGA X for “one more chance” in court hearing about contract termination

The company's lawyers also responded to allegations that OMEGA X were berated by its ex-CEO, saying: "Although we could never justify the verbal abuse, we would like to state that there were various circumstances surrounding the incident"

Ex-SPIRE Entertainment CEO denies OMEGA X abuse allegations: “I took care of all of them like their mother”

A South Korean judge will consider the boyband's request to nullify their contract with the agency at a hearing this week

OMEGA X open up on anxiety and mental health struggles after alleged abuse under agency SPIRE Entertainment

In a press conference, the boyband also called attention to widespread mistreatment within the industry: "I think a lot of K-pop trainees and even current idols are being treated unfairly," said member Taedong

OMEGA X to press charges against SPIRE Entertainment’s ex-CEO for “threatening, assaulting and exploiting” members

The K-pop group have applied to terminate their contract with the agency, their lawyers said at a press conference, where members also alleged they were sexually harassed by SPIRE's ex-CEO

OMEGA X members reportedly file trademarks for the group and fanbase names

The boyband are set to hold a press conference discussing their ongoing conflict with agency SPIRE Entertainment tomorrow

OMEGA X to hold press conference addressing “damages” by agency SPIRE Entertainment

Following a string of allegations that the boyband were mistreated by the agency and its CEO, who resigned from the company last week

New allegations of OMEGA X’s mistreatment under SPIRE Entertainment surface

A new report details cases of the members allegedly enduring power-tripping and pressure to perform despite several members testing positive for COVID-19

OMEGA X’s agency issues apology, announces resignation of CEO alleged to have mistreated boyband

"SPIRE Entertainment takes the full responsibility and announce that the CEO who’s responsible for this matter has resigned,” it said

OMEGA X make group statement on “pressure” and “unwarranted treatment” by agency SPIRE Entertainment

The boyband posted the statement on a new Instagram account independent from their agency, whose CEO had previously denied allegations she verbally abused and manhandled band members