Square Enix

‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ co-creator Yuji Naka arrested over insider trading

Two other former-Square Enix employees were also arrested

‘Kingdom Hearts’ and ‘Skyrim’ are coming to PlayStation Plus

A number of 'Tom Clancy' titles are also being added to the service

Sony says ‘Final Fantasy 16’ will be a “PS5 exclusive for 6 months”

'Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrade' was exclusive to PS5 for six months before coming to PC

‘Final Fantasy 16’ is 95 per cent done, release date will be announced this year

"We've forbidden anyone to add new code in case new bugs appear"

Naoki Yoshida defends lack of diversity in ‘Final Fantasy 16’

“The story we are telling is fantasy, yes, but it is also rooted in reality”

Square Enix announces story-focused NFT project ‘Symbiogenesis’

The game explores themes of monopolization and distribution of resources

Square Enix focusing on “hit global titles” due to Japan’s ageing population

“The Japanese market is no longer sufficient for generating a profit”

Square Enix announces return of ‘Final Fantasy 14’ fan festival

Square Enix is returning to in-person events, after going online-only in 2021

PlatinumGames is still interested live service games, despite the failure of ‘Bablyon’s Fall’

PlatinumGames CEO Atsushi Inaba said that the developer is “extremely sorry” for the disappointment caused by 'Babylon’s Fall'