Team Ninja

‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’ labelled a “catastrophe” by players due to PC performance issues

"It kills me to say that I do not recommend this game based solely off performance alone," reads one of over 1700 negative reviews

Team Ninja is reportedly rebooting ‘Ninja Gaiden’ and ‘Dead Or Alive’

The company's Director and President Fumihiko Yasuda confirmed that plans are in place for the resurrection of both franchises

Team Ninja announces action RPG ‘Rise Of The Ronin’

"This is undoubtedly the most ambitious and challenging project for Team Ninja Studio to date"

‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’ is coming to PS4 and PS5

The game was previously announced for Xbox and PC

New ‘Romance Of The Three Kingdoms’ game in development

A new action game in development, based on the strategy series

‘Stranger Of Paradise’ was not planned to feature the ‘Final Fantasy’ brand

Tetsuya Nomura says the game was supposed to be a “completely new title”