Witch Beam

‘Unpacking’ easter egg teases Witch Beam’s next game

'TemPoPo' artwork can be found within 'Unpacking'

‘Unpacking’ is coming to PlayStation consoles “soon”

It's currently available pretty much everywhere but PlayStation

‘Unpacking’ wins Indie Game Of The Year at the BandLab NME Awards 2022

The sleeper hit puzzle game beat out ‘Cruelty Squad’, ‘Overboard!’, ‘The Forgotten City’ and ‘The Artful Escape’

‘Unpacking’ clone publisher apologises for “lack of research”

"The game clearly resembles 'Unpacking' and this resemblance goes way beyond the game title. We messed up and we apologise"

‘Unpacking’ clone removed from iOS store following complaints

"It's demoralising for a small team like ours" said the developers

‘Unpacking’ features over 14,000 sound effect files

Some things need to be kept zipped

‘Unpacking’ review: your life’s story in boxes

A wonderfully meditative journey through worldly possessions