What’s new this month? Here are 10 Australian release picks for July 2022

Rev yourself up for riveting records from Yours Truly, Tasman Keith, Alex The Astronaut, The Faim, Party Dozen, Beddy Rays and more


e’re officially halfway through 2022, and to say it’s been a busy year thus far would be one hell of an understatement. With all the setbacks that artists faced throughout the pandemic, the first half of this year has been stacked with an extra 24 months’ worth of backlogged drops from the country’s biggest artists. But the second half of the year looks to be just as massive, and July’s slate is proof of that.

For starters, we’ll be getting our hands on the game-changing debut albums from Tasman Keith and Beddy Rays, as well as scorching sophomore efforts from Alex The Astronaut, Eggy, Outright, Great Gable and The Faim. Treating us to their terrific third albums will be Party Dozen and The Pinheads, while Yours Truly will also swoop in with an explosive EP sure to leave you clamouring for more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, too. Australian music is thriving right now, and there are so many incredible albums, EPs and singles dropping each week that we can hardly count them. Here are 10 to start to start off with in July – strap in and get streaming…

The Faim

‘Talk Talk’

Three years removed from their debut album, 2019’s ‘State Of Mind’, The Faim have evolved tremendously. Their soaring, stadium-ready pop-rock sound feels denser and more colourful on ‘Talk Talk’, with sharper and more inspired songwriting, tighter performances and more willingness to experiment.

They’ve always drawn a tangible influence from The 1975 and post-reunion Fall Out Boy, and that’s still clear as ever here – singer Josh Raven does his best Patrick Stump on ‘You (And My Addiction)’ – but with the silky groove of ‘Faith In Me’ and the buzzy, retro pomp of ‘Me Because Of You’, The Faim prove that they too will be a household name in no time. Ellie Robinson

The Faim’s ‘Talk Talk’ is out July 8 via BMG.

Great Gable

‘On The Wall In The Morning Light’

It’s fitting that Great Gable’s second album was pieced together at Matt Corby’s idyllic, forest-set Rainbow Valley studio on the outskirts of Byron Bay: it’s a palpably down-to-earth, human sounding record, on which the performances are tight, but don’t feel forced or overworked.

‘On The Wall In The Morning Light’ sees the Bunbury band explore their full slate of soaring, technicolour indie-rock stylings, from the bright and punchy (‘Dancing Shoes’) to the slick and rocking (‘Hazy’), right to the suave and psychedelic (‘Pedestal’). ER

Great Gable’s ‘On The Wall In The Morning Light’ is out July 8 via Rainbow Valley Records / Warner Music Australia.

Party Dozen

‘The Real Work’

One of the most consistently fascinating bands in the country boldly broaden their sonic palette while drilling down and making their most focused record yet.

From the blistering, Nick Cave-assisted ‘Macca The Mutt’ to the smoky, swaggering ‘Earthly Times’ and the genuinely gorgeous, widescreen closer ‘Risky Behaviour’, album three shakes off any pre-conceived “noise-rock” limitations, creating something truly transcendent in the process. Alex Gallagher

Party Dozen’s ‘The Real Work’ is out July 8 via Grupo.

The Pinheads

‘The Mirror’

The Wollongong garage rockers‘ third album sees them artfully expand into more intricate, melodic songwriting, with great results. The likes of ‘Rain Down’ and ‘On The Sea’ turn down the fuzz of 2019’s ‘Is This Real’, slow things down and take cues from The Modern Lovers and The Velvet Underground, all while retaining and building on the charm and buoyancy of their earlier work. AG

The Pinheads’ ‘The Mirror’ is out July 8 via Farmer & The Owl / BMG.

Tasman Keith

‘A Colour Undone’

On his sprawling debut album, Tasman Keith proves himself to be a master of versatility.

Whether it’s spitting blistering, rapid-fire bars on ‘PROUD’ and the Genesis Owusu-featuring ‘CHEQUE’, or indulging neon-tinged pop and R&B influences on ‘LOVE TOO SOON’, ‘A Colour Undone’ is a chameleonic 36-minute flex underpinned at every moment by Keith’s insightful storytelling. AG

Tasman Keith’s ‘A Colour Undone’ is out July 8 via AWAL Recordings / Sony Music Australia.


‘Keep You Warm’

The Melbourne hardcore outfit return with their first studio album since their excellent 2014 debut, ‘Avalanche’. Anchored by blistering, thrash-influenced riffs, breakneck rhythms and powerhouse vocalist Jelena Goluza, the sonic ferocity of ‘Keep You Warm’ is matched (and then some) by its message, addressing capitalism, the climate crisis and more with fierce urgency and conviction. AG 

Outright’s ‘Keep You Warm’ is out July 15 via Reason And Rage Records.

Yours Truly

‘Is This What I Look Like?’

Though initially positioned as a companion piece to Yours Truly’s debut album, 2020’s ‘Self Care’, this six-track eruption of incandescent energy couldn’t be more unique. The Sydney band break away from their straightforward (and admittedly derivative) pop-punk sound, adding depth to their palette with crunchier and more aggressive guitars, glitchy electronic flourishes and ear-catching vocal effects.

Equally as cool are the two guest spots – Drew York of Stray From The Path on ‘Bruises’, and You Me At Six’s Josh Franceschi on ‘Hallucinate’ – but frontwoman Mikaila Delgado never dips away from the spotlight, appearing here at her most unapologetically intense. ER

Yours Truly’s ‘Is This What I Look Like?’ is out July 15 via UNFD.

Alex The Astronaut

‘How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater’

Further developing her own uniquely radiant and flowery style, Alexandra Lynn’s second full-length effort was inspired by Gang Of Youths, Phoebe Bridgers and Bob Dylan.

Partly thanks to the talents of three Ball Park Music members – who both performed on the record and aided in its production – the 10-track record is intensely rich with personality, with songs generously fleshed out with strings, synths, horns and atmospheric effects. But it’s the lyrics that truly stand out on ‘How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater’, presenting Lynn at her most poignant, poetic and powerful. ER

Alex The Astronaut’s ‘How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater’ is out July 22 via Warner Music Australia.


‘With Gusto’

Eggy‘s second album is a swirling, kaleidoscopic tapestry that gleefully indulges its off-kilter experimentation as much as its sugary pop melodies, with flourishes of strings and sax throughout.

The result is a truly unique record; a labyrinthine odyssey that’s a joy to get lost in, revealing new layers upon each listen. AG

Eggy’s ‘With Gusto’ is out July 22 via Flightless Records.

Beddy Rays

‘Beddy Rays’

Beddy Rays’ debut album is a self-titled affair because, as the band declared when they announced it, “this album IS Beddy Rays”. They likened it to “a nice mixed bag of lollies”, and though there’s not a whole lot of variety here – bar the one requisite slow-burner (‘Brin’s Song’), it’s all punchy indie-punk jams – but all 14 of these sweet treats are guaranteed to satisfy. These big, pit-ready riffs, summery choruses are tailor-made for singalongs, and there are plenty of moments that call for mandatory air-guitar-ing.

As reflected in its cover art (drawn by viral artist Struthless), ‘Beddy Rays’ is fun, carefree, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. ER

Beddy Ray’s self-titled album is out July 29.