What’s new this month? Here are 10 Australian release picks for November 2021

Miiesha, Courtney Barnett, Springtime, Logic1000 and more are dropping fresh music this month

In the blink of an eye, we’ve reached November 2021 – and there are brighter days ahead, especially when you take a look at this list of new releases this month has to offer. From a new album by Courtney Barnett to Logic1000’s second EP of the year, there’s something for everyone. Dive in:

Springtime Gareth Liddiard album 2021



Months after Tropical Fuck Storm’s third LP, Gareth Liddiard returns with something completely different yet somehow aligned. In Springtime, Liddiard joins forces with two veteran instrumentalists: The Necks’ Chris Abrahams and Dirty Three’s Jim White.

They blend no-wave nihilism, minimalist jazz and stark post-rock, and have forged a striking, seasonal debut. David James Young

Springtime’s ‘Springtime’ is out November 5 via Tropical Fuck Storm Records.

Rinuwat 2021 album Dua Naga


‘Dua Naga’

With half of extreme-metal quartet High Tension in their ranks, Rinuwat have crafted an undeniably powerful sound that’s steeped in both noise-metal and Javanese tradition. Their brutal debut ‘Dua Naga’ could contend as 2021’s most unique Australian release. DJY

Rinuwat’s ‘Dua Naga’ is out November 10 via Rinuwat/Heavy Machinery Records.

Alien Nosejob 2021 album Paint It Clear

Alien Nosejob

‘Paint It Clear’

The ultra-prolific Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants, Hierophants, Smarts) melds an impressively eclectic array of sonic influences to create the warped, off-kilter noise-pop of his latest solo album.

Recorded with Total Control’s Mikey Young, the songs that feature on ‘Paint It Clear’ brim with a characteristically frenetic energy, underscored by melodic sharpness and new wave sensibilities that are also fascinating. Alex Gallagher

Alien Nosejob’s ‘Paint It Clear’ is out November 12 via Anti Fade.

Birdz 2021 album Legacy



Four years on from his debut album, Butchulla rapper Birdz has steadily built momentum towards a hotly anticipated follow-up. He made a strong comeback last year with ‘Bagi-la-m Bargan’ (which came in at #30 on triple j’s Hottest 100), while fresh collabs with Ngaiire and Missy Higgins have kept interest high. ‘Legacy’ will no doubt live up to the hype. DJY

Birdz’ ‘Legacy’ is out November 12 via Bad Apples Music.

Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett

‘Things Take Time, Take Time’

Over the past decade, Courtney Barnett has slowly invited listeners into her inner world with increasing candidness. Her latest is disarmingly, generously intimate. She magnifies the minute, demonstrating that the smallness of life holds as much meaning as it, of course, must.

‘Things Take Time, Take Time’ is Barnett’s most creatively adventurous album yet, its nuances – appropriately – revealing themselves only upon close inspection. AG

Courtney Barnett’s ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’ is out November 12 via Milk! Records.

e4444e 2021 album Autumnal Eve


‘Autumnal Eve’

One of the country’s most inventive (and frankly, underrated) contemporary songwriters strives for rawness and immediacy on his second album in as many years.

The pared-back approach foregrounds Romy Church’s personality and knack for storytelling that’s as incisive as it is emotive – as with last year’s ‘Coldstream Road’, the songs that make up ‘Autumnal Eve’ linger well past the album’s runtime. AG 

e4444e’s ‘Autumnal Eve’ is out November 12 via Spunk Records.

Logic1000 2021 EP in the sweetness of you


‘In The Sweetness Of You’

For her second EP in less than a year, Samantha Poulter returns with an eclectic mix that spans the warm, atmospheric techno of ‘21’ and yunè pinku collab ‘What You Like’, to pulsating, late-night house cuts like ‘Just Calling’.

The Four Tet-approved producer builds on the strengths of January’s ‘You’ve Got the Whole Night to Go’, continuing her rapid ascent with this sprawling yet distinctive collection. AG

Logic1000’s ‘In the Sweetness of You’ is out November 12 via Therapy/Because Music.

Mo'Ju 2021 EP OK



Once a blues-rock showstopper, Mo’Ju now makes electronic future-soul. The throughline of her career, which has grown over a decade and counting, is the conviction in every line that makes her one of Australia’s most compelling performers.

‘O.K.’ is no different: the mini-album is simultaneously heart-on-sleeve and free-wheelingly experimental, resulting in an engrossing listen. DJY

Mo’Ju’s ‘O.K.’ is out November 19 via Mo’Ju/Heavy Machinery.

Miiesha 2021 EP Smoke



After breaking out with the resonant neo-soul of ‘Nyaaringu’ (NME’s best Australian album of 2020), Miiesha returns with the first half of a double EP project that again asserts her position at the top of the next generation’s R&B food chain. From its pristine production to her husky croon, ‘Smoke’ finds the Woorabinda artist in fine form.DJY

Miiesha’s ‘Smoke’ is out November 19 via Red Dirt Music.

Dianas 2021 album Little Glimmer


‘Little Glimmer’

After returning with ‘Baby Baby’ in 2020, the Melbourne dream-pop act double down with their second album in as many years.

Levelling up the razor-sharp musical chemistry between the trio, ‘Little Glimmer’ expertly balances grace with grit. Raucous fuzz and feedback underscore the intricate arrangements, meticulous songwriting and dizzyingly deft musicianship that shines throughout. AG

Dianas’ ‘Little Glimmer’ is out November 26 via Heavy Machinery/Blossom Rot.