What’s new this month? Here are 10 Australian release picks for October 2021

This month brings bangers from Baker Boy, The Buoys, Banoffee and more

Kick off your October with a brand-new album from Pond, ‘9’, which offers a convenient title and easy grooves. This month also brings exciting EPs from Sydney’s The Buoys and Shady Nasty, the highly anticipated debut album from our September cover star Baker Boy, and a posthumous record from the dearly departed Mike Noga. See the list below.

Pond 9 album



The captivating ninth album from the country’s premier psych-pop weirdos is as sprawling as it is focused.

From the warped, danceably abrasive synth rock of ‘Human Touch’ to atmospheric slow-burner ‘Toast’, Nick Allbrook and co. head in a dizzying array of sonic directions while never losing sight of what makes them unique. Alex Gallagher

Pond’s ‘9’ is out October 1 via Spinning Top.

Mike Noga album Open Fire

Mike Noga

‘Open Fire’

The passing of the late, great Mike Noga hit hard in 2020. A prodigious multi-instrumentalist and remarkable singer-songwriter, Noga was admired in just about every role he undertook, whether it was folksy troubadour or hip-swinging rock star.

His final solo LP is a testament to his legacy and will ensure he’s never forgotten. David James Young

Mike Noga’s ‘Open Fire’ is out October 8 via Part Time Records.


Shady Nasty


No one is making music quite like this Sydney trio. Their new EP feels at once a product of and a reaction to the harbour city.

Brimming with modern anxiety, these songs are reflections on consumption and excess, funnelled through their signature melting pot of post-punk and hip-hop influences. AG

Shady Nasty’s ‘CLUBSMOKE’ is out October 8 via [PIAS] Australia.

The Buoys Unsolicited Advice for Your DIY Disaster EP

The Buoys

‘Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster’

Five years in and three EPs deep, The Buoys have never been this assured and confident. Having solidified their current line-up with excellent 2020 EP ‘All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere’, the Sydney quartet plumb emotive depths and develop mane-thrashing garage-pop on its succinct, razor-sharp follow-up. Some unsolicited advice: Get around The Buoys. DJY

The Buoys’ ‘Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster’ is out October 13 via Spunk Records.

Baker Boy album Gela

Baker Boy


He’s been making us dance with endless phenomenal singles of high-spirited hip-pop, sung in English and Yolngu, over these last four years.

Now, Baker Boy keeps the party going on ‘Gela’. Among 2021’s hottest-anticipated debuts, this record looks to send Danzal Baker to Australian music’s upper echelon. DJY

Baker Boy’s ‘Gela’ is out October 15 via Island Records Australia/UMA.

Banoffee 2021 album Teartracks



Eighteen months removed from releasing one of 2020’s most forward-thinking pop records, Banoffee develops her unique brand of antipodean hyperpop on album number two.

A self-excavation after a painful break-up, ‘Teartracks’ delivers synthetic textures and heartrending songwriting. DJY 

Banoffee’s ‘Teartracks’ is out October 22 via Prim8 Music.

Good Morning album Barnyard

Good Morning


Recorded at Wilco’s Chicago recording studio The Loft, and set for an international release on Polyvinyl, the Melbourne duo go big on their sixth studio album.

Appropriately, ‘Barnyard’ is Good Morning’s most ambitious, accomplished record yet, elevating their idiosyncratic indie-folk to greater heights without losing any of the charm that has underpinned their work to date. AG

Good Morning’s ‘Barnyard’ is out October 22 via Good Morning Music Company Worldwide / Virgin Music.

Mess Esque album

Mess Esque

‘Mess Esque’

Mick Turner of the Dirty Three and Helen Franzmann of McKisko unite on this stunning long-distance collaboration, completed with Turner in Melbourne and Franzmann in Brisbane.

These slow-moving, purposefully meditative songs bring out the best in each artist; Turner’s dynamic, textural post-rock compositions serving as a compelling backdrop to Franzmann’s tender, plaintive vocals and thoughtful lyricism. AG

Mess Esque’s self-titled is out October 22 via Milk! / Remote Control.

Mod Con album Modern Condition


‘Modern Condition’

In 2018, MOD CON released ‘Modern Convenience’, one of the most inventive, attention-grabbing local debuts in recent memory.

The trio’s follow-up builds on its best elements – the ultra-focused musical dynamism of spry rhythms and angular post-punk riffing, their off-kilter, experimental detours – while thoughtfully interrogating what it means to be human in these near-dystopian times. AG

Mod Con’s ‘Modern Condition’ is out October 22 via Poison City Records.

Placement Lost Sun EP


‘Lost Sun’

As Adelaide re-emerges as one of Australia’s leading musical cities, post-punk quintet Placement hit refreshingly different on their debut 7-inch.

If this year you’ve found yourself drawn to the cool angularity of Dry Cleaning and Black Midi’s sheer audacity, you’re only doing yourself a disservice not giving Placement… well, a placement. DJY

Placement’s ‘Lost Sun’ is out October 22 via Endless Recordings.