What’s new this month? Here are 10 Australian release picks for April 2021

Fresh music from KUČKA, Julia Stone, Jaguar Jonze and more

It may be April Fool’s, but we’re not joking when we say these new albums and EPs need to be on your rotation.

From the return of Amy Shark and Palms to solo outings by MF Tomlinson and Julia Stone, there’s lots to look forward to this month.

MF Tomlinson new album Strange Time

MF Tomlinson

‘Strange Time’

Although he’s a relative newcomer on the London scene, Australian millennials will remember MF Tomlinson from his days fronting indie-pop darlings Yves Klein Blue.

Although his solo debut is far more textured and mature in execution than triple j staples like ‘Polka’, Tomlinson’s wry charm and observational wit still shine through. David James Young

MF Tomlinson’s ‘Strange Time’ is out on April 9.

Palms new album Intensity Sunshine


‘Intensity Sunshine’

They’re back! The cult Sydney band Palms return after a five-year hiatus with an immediately satisfying EP of fuzzed-out power pop.

Tracks like ‘This One Is Your One’ and ‘Summertime’ have all the charm and effervescence of anything from 2013’s ‘Step Brothers’, but are all the more impactful for the cleaner, more direct production. Alex Gallagher

Palms’ ‘Intensity Sunshine’ is out via The Orchard on April 9.

Juice Webster EP More Than Reaction

Juice Webster

‘More Than Reaction’

Building on the foundations of 2019’s excellent ‘You Who Was Myself’ EP, the alt-folk crooner’s latest is equally captivating.

Split between sparse acoustic cuts and warm full band arrangements, the songs on ‘More Than Reaction’ slowly unfurl around Juice Webster’s vocals until they reach their emotional peak. The result is a softly devastating collection that lingers long past its runtime. AG

Juice Webster’s ‘More Than Reaction’ is out on April 16.

Jebediah Kevin Mitchell new album Bob Evans Tomorrowland

Bob Evans


Twenty-five years into his career, Jebediah frontman Kevin Mitchell is still in hot pursuit of great songs and great stories.

You’ll find plenty on his sixth solo endeavour under the Bob Evans moniker, which pits his bright acoustic strums against a pub-ready backing band for striking contrast and a little extra muscle. DJY

Bob Evans’ ‘Tomorrowland’ is out via Dew Process on April 16.

Jaguar Jonze Antihero EP

Jaguar Jonze


After a traumatic 2020, Jaguar Jonze found herself at risk of becoming better known for her struggles than her music. ‘Antihero’ quickly rectifies this. It’s a confident, all-caps electric pop attack that shuffles, scrapes and shatters any preconceived notions afoot.

This former Eurovision hopeful and NME cover star is only just getting started. DJY

Jaguar Jonze’s ‘Antihero’ is out via Nettwerk on April 16.

Carla Geneve album Learn to Like It

Carla Geneve

‘Learn To Like It’

This Perth songwriter isn’t afraid of honesty. Delivered through both grunge-rock catharsis and moments of quiet intimacy – both of which she pulls off like it’s effortless – Carla Geneve’s bracingly raw lyricism on songs like ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover’ makes her debut album near-impossible not to resonate with. AG

Carla Geneve’s ‘Learn To Like It’ is out via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records on April 23.

KUCKA new album Wrestling



After two EPs and a string of high-profile collabs, Laura Jane Lowther’s debut LP as KUČKA – self-written, -produced and -recorded – is an impressive re-introduction to the polymath.

Above pulsating sub basses and glistening, glitchy synths, ‘Wrestling’ documents and processes a deeply transformative period for Lowther, the emotive storytelling anchored by the album’s future-facing pop production. AG

KUČKA’s ‘Wrestling’ is out via Soothsayer/Lucky Me on April 30.

Amy Shark new album 2021 Cry Forever

Amy Shark

‘Cry Forever’

Five years removed from breakthrough ‘Adore’, this Gold Coast native has gone through a whirlwind of emotions and experiences that most can’t fit into entire lifespans.

‘Cry Forever’ attempts to both document and process this, boasting A-listers like Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban without ever losing sight of the ever-moving Shark. DJY

Amy Shark’s ‘Cry Forever’ is out via Wonderlick/Sony Music Entertainment Australia on April 30.

Julia Stone new album 2021 Sixty Summers

Julia Stone

‘Sixty Summers’

An unexpected array of stars formed a constellation over Julia Stone’s third solo album. St. Vincent’s Annie Clark and Matt Berninger guest, while the video for ‘Dance’ features Susan Sarandon and Danny Glover.

The most impressive thing about ‘Sixty Summers’, however, is its assertion of Stone as a bona fide star herself. DJY

Julia Stone’s ‘Sixty Summers’ is out via BMG on April 30.

Ali Barter Chocolate Cake EP

Ali Barter

‘Chocolate Cake’

On 2019’s ‘Hello, I’m Doing My Best’, Ali Barter successfully bottled the messiness of navigating adulthood with refreshing candour and nostalgic indie rock.

Barter’s new EP leans further into that impulse while turning up the gain switch a little – raucous yet immediately memorable dance-punk buoyed by Barter’s acerbic reflections on the allure of recklessness (‘Twisted Up’) and the grass-is-greener claustrophobia of long-term relationships (‘You Get In My Way’). AG

Ali Barter’s ‘Chocolate Cake’ is out via Inertia Music/[PIAS] on April 30.