What’s new this month? Here are 10 Australian release picks for June 2021

Comebacks from Crowded House and The Scientists plus long-gestating debuts from Dulcie and Plaster of Paris

Who else can’t believe it’s already June? 2021 hasn’t been as easy as we hoped it would be last year, but there’s been good music to buoy our spirits as we’ve gritted our teeth through snap lockdowns and gig cancellations.

This month brings anticipated comebacks from Crowded House and The Scientists, long-gestating debuts from Plaster Of Paris and Dulcie, and many more. Dive in.

Crowded House album 2021 Dreamers Are Waiting

Crowded House

‘Dreamers Are Waiting’

Don’t dream it’s over: Neil Finn has once again revived his best-loved project for their first album in over a decade. The new lineup sports his sons Liam and Elroy, and their sound has expanded once again within their private universe. Nostalgia’s fine, but Crowded House are seeking something bigger. David James Young

Crowded House’s ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’ is out via EMI on June 4.

Ashwarya Nocturnal Hours EP cover 2021


‘Nocturnal Hours’

It’s rare to find a pop project that pays reverence to what came before while gleefully subverting those structures. But that’s exactly what the debut EP from Melbourne-via-India songwriter Ashwarya achieves.

Standout ‘Biryani’, which pairs booming sub basses with traditional bhangra drums and verses delivered in Hindi, offers just one glimpse into the unique sonic world the 21-year-old artist is building with ‘Nocturnal Hours’ – each song takes swerves that are dramatic and genuinely thrilling. [Ed. note: shortly after this feature was published, the release date for ‘Nocturnal Hours’ was changed to July 8.] Alex Gallagher

Ashwarya’s ‘Nocturnal Hours’ is out via NOiZE Recordings on July 8.

Quivers album 2021 Golden Doubt


‘Golden Doubt’

With jangly guitars, gorgeous harmonies and quietly confessional songwriting, the latest from this Melbourne indie-pop quartet is a must-listen for fans of the Go-Betweens or the Triffids.

That said, ‘Golden Doubt’ is more a carrying of the torch than an exercise in nostalgia – these songs are warm, inventive and reward repeat listens, the band’s idiosyncrasies shining bright throughout. AG

Quivers’ ‘Golden Doubt’ is out via Spunk Records on June 11.

Scientists Kim Salmon album 2021 Negativity

The Scientists


What’s 34 years between drinks, anyway? Kim Salmon and his not-so-merry band have slowly chipped away at new material since their reunion in the early 2000s. On ‘Negativity’, it’s like they never left.

Salmon’s tried-and-true eccentricities are revived and electrified by washes of guitars and drums, concocting something both vital and quintessentially Scientists. DJY

The Scientists’ ‘Negativity’ is out via In The Red on June 11.

Tim Ayre Modern Life EP 2021

Tim Ayre

‘Modern Life’

In the early 2010s, Tim Ayre was riding the wave of synth-pop as one half of the imaginatively named Tim & Jean. Although his solo output offers up a slightly more refined palette, the hookiness and bright production that brought him to the dance remains intact on this charming debut EP. DJY

Tim Ayre’s ‘Modern Life’ is out via Kitsuné Musique on June 16.

Deuce album 2021 Melbourne Australia band



Curtis Wakeling of the Ocean Party and Pop Filter teams up with musician Kayleigh Heydon for a stunning collection of dream pop gems inspired by the likes of Mazzy Star and Galaxie 500.

With both artists trading (and sharing) vocals before a lush, lo-fi backdrop, standouts like ‘Salt’ and ‘Wildflower’ move slowly and give generously as they unfurl. AG

Deuce’s ‘Deuce’ is out via Dinosaur City Records on June 16.

Dulcie Sake of Sound debut EP 2021


‘Sake of Sound’

This WA pop-rock crew have been warming hearts and charming audiences across Australia since their arrival late last decade. ‘Sake Of Sound’ marks their debut EP, emphasising their knack for harmonies and tightly woven structure. There’s not a hair out of place across the four tracks, which are already dressed to the nines. DJY

Dulcie’s ‘Sake Of Sound’ is out via Lapis Lazuli on June 18.

Hayley Mary The Drip EP cover 2021

Hayley Mary

‘The Drip’

On her second EP, the Jezabels frontwoman fully steps into her charismatic solo persona.

Her self-assurance comes through in the rousing guitar-pop and glam extravagance of standouts like ‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’ and closer ‘The Chain’, but underneath all of ‘The Drip’ is Hayley Mary’s impassioned songwriting: often vulnerable, always affecting. AG

Hayley Mary’s ‘The Drip’ is out via I OH YOU on June 18.

Plaster of Paris album 2021 Lost Familiar

Plaster Of Paris

‘Lost Familiar’

The most attention-grabbing aspect of this Melbourne post-punk trio’s debut LP is its urgency and economy – very rarely does a song feel crowded or a part unnecessary.

Jagged guitars, taut rhythms and flourishes of synth and sax foreground singer Zec Zechner’s distinctive, near-operatic howl and the band’s charged manifestos for bodily autonomy and climate action. AG

Plaster Of Paris’ ‘Lost Familiar’ is out via Psychic Hysteria on June 23.

Hiatus Kaiyote album 2021 Mood Valiant Nai Palm Brainfeeder

Hiatus Kaiyote

‘Mood Valiant’

After their psych-funk odyssey was derailed by real-life tragedy, the Melbourne voyagers have regrouped and forged ahead for their first album in six years. Their neo-soul grooves and jazz-coloured rhythms remain intact. There is, however, a newfound sense of purpose within the music that makes ‘Mood Valiant’ so very satisfying. DJY

Hiatus Kaiyote’s ‘Mood Valiant’ is out via Brainfeeder/Ninja Tune on June 25.